The effortless nursing app.

Amme is a beautiful app designed to be stable, easy and pleasing to use. The name Amme comes from the Norwegian word for nursing. New mothers may experience some light-headedness while starting to nurse. Amme removes the frustration of trying to remember when you nursed last. It makes it easy to keep track of nursing. Amme tracks your nursing sessions, the duration and what breast you nursed last, so you can keep in charge.


The inspiration to make an app for new mothers breastfeeding came from the experience Helga Marie had with the form she got at Haugesund Hospital. It is difficult to keep track of things the first weeks and days when you start nursing. That’s why you get this form, to keep track of things more easily.

The nursing form

The form helps you get a handle on nursing the first few days and weeks. We found the form to be helpful. However, the form requires that you have a pen, a clock and the form itself readily available when nursing. We found that Helga Marie had her phone at the ready to keep time anyway, so why not just use an app to track nursing. The app is designed for hazy new mothers, with an easy to use and pleasing interface with large buttons. It keeps track of your nursing for you at the hospital and when you arrive home with your newborn.

Pictures of the form