The effortless nursing app.

Amme is a beautiful app designed to be stable, easy and pleasing to use. The name Amme comes from the Norwegian word for nursing. New mothers may experience some light-headedness while starting to nurse. Amme removes the frustration of trying to remember when you nursed last. It makes it easy to keep track of nursing. Amme tracks your nursing sessions, the duration and what breast you nursed last, so you can keep in charge.


Effortless nursing

Use Amme to record your nursing sessions. Just hit play to start keeping track of nursing

Visualize nursing

See when you nurse in an easy to use interface. Keep track of the last few days and get an overview of when your toddler is hungry!

Get details

The list view allows you to keep a record of every nursing session you have made. How many times you nurse on a given day, at what time and for how long.

Track day and night

Amme allows you to differentiate between nursing at night nursing during the day. Keep count of how much time you spend during the night and how many sessions you have each day.