The effortless nursing app.

Amme is a beautiful app designed to be stable, easy and pleasing to use. The name Amme comes from the Norwegian word for nursing. New mothers may experience some light-headedness while starting to nurse. Amme removes the frustration of trying to remember when you nursed last. It makes it easy to keep track of nursing. Amme tracks your nursing sessions, the duration and what breast you nursed last, so you can keep in charge.


Our design philosphoy is aimed at creating a specific user experience when interacting with our products. Significant effort is put into choosing the right amount of functionality and information needed to achieve a specific experience for the users. As the qoute to the left illustrates, it is not so much about stacking up features, but having the right amount of features.

Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery, French-writer

Understanding the user

Mothers with newborns are in a different state of mind than most users. Some mothers find it easy to sense when to nurse, while others need practice to learn to understand their body. While we designed an app for mothers we realise that there is a different user also present when interacting with the application.

Appreciate the context


Experiencing and having a newborn is filled with tender moments. From the first smile, the first loud cries, first tears and even when they grab onto you for the first time. Our app is designed to not grab focus from your newborn, but rather be a quiet background activity.

Design choices

We choose not to include reminders and alarms in our app. We find them to be disturbing and adds nothing to understanding nursing. We deliberatly limit the information presented about time spent nursing. Nursing is not a chore, and should not be represented as a chore.



The tone of Amme is set to be as quiet and pleasing as possible. Soothing colors and clear graphics provide the backdrop for the information represented. We strive to minimize clutter and set a tone of calm and peace.